Sunday, April 24, 2011

wise words from her

Earlier this morning, ain's school was holding a soccer & netball match inter-PASTI Kawasan Tanjong Malim. Sitting on the stone stool, I was chatting with ain's friends while waiting the event to start. There were 4 of them, including ain. One of them wasn't a familiar face to me.
Try being nice, i started off asking her name. She was a litle bit shy.
So her friends, answered me.

Me : Yang ini nama siapa ye? (pointing at that particular girl)
Kak Ngah : Nama dia aizatul, panggil kak chik.
Me : owh.. kak chik... kak chik ni sama kelas dengan kak ngah ye?
Kak Ngah : Tak lah, kita sama sekolah je, tak sama kelas, kak ngah darjah 1, kak chik darjah 3.
Me : Oo.. Kak chik ni sama dengan kak long la?
Kak Long : Tak, Kak Long darjah dua, tak sama dengan kak chik.
Me : Owh.. ingatkan sama dengan kak long, sebab tengok kak long lagi tinggi dari kak chik.
Kak Ngah : tapikan, ade kawan satu kelas kite nama dia ibtisam, dia laaagi tinggi dari kak long!!
Kak Long : Haah, kak long pun heran sebab dia lagi tinggi dari kak long padahal dia baru darjah 1.
Me : Iyye?? dia tinggi mana?

the kids were showing the height of the said ibtisam with their hands.
i looked at them, impressed.
and suddenly
ain : semua tu, Allah yang jadikan.

i was again...impressed!
...and there's more...