Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Meeting Onique

"Kite punye interview pukul 8.30 kat Bilik 8, Tadahan Utara, huhu, gelabah ni"
The text message from her that i received early morning.
Onique was my junior back in secondary school, which is 13 years ago. 
She was called for DPLI interview here at my workplace.
Getting my phone number from Angah, she called earlier last week as she used to read somewhere in my blog, (i mean my previous one), that i am working here!
She was seeking for 'Rumah Tamu' but seems failed to reach the person in-charge.

I was in the middle of my coding thingy when the call came in.
The introduction went long. The image of her was quite blurry at first.
I wasn't sure whether she mentioned 'Wani' or 'Onique' but one thing for sure i heard her saying 'batch Angah', in which there at least 3 (or is it 4) of them being called 'Wani'.

Knowing that she will be coming, i offered a room to her at my house.
"takpe lah, kite segan.. lagipun kite datang ngan family in-law kite"  said her.
I gave her the contact number of the officer who might help her. The least i can do.

And i met her today after her interview. And she's Onique, not Wani or whatsoever. ;)
We chatted while waiting for her family to picked her up. Caught up with her few updates about each other.

It feels great.
Really great.

It is such a joy to get in touch with old friends.
It is such a bless to be remembered.
Thanks onique, you made my day!

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Saturday, May 28, 2011

1st Year of My Nisa'

Her journey into our life started on this date, last year.
Ok, obviously it started way back.
Surviving a 40-weeks-journey in the tummy and then to this momentary world
she is nothing but ecstasy!
Immediately the pain gone astray when i first held her in my arms.

It was four days later than the expected.
The O&G Expert, Dr Hamidah recommended induction.
Misoprostal it may seems.
Clearly i forgot to ask her on the benefits, disadvantages of the procedure.

Yet, all just went well, praise be to the Almighty for that.
And welcoming Khairunnisa', at 1.27 pm, moment after i finished my lunch.
You really know to time your arrival kiddo! ;)
Haven't blog anything about her ever since.
Definitely not denying the fact that she's among the god's greatest gift to us,
i am just plain lazy. ;)

For her first birthday, nothing particularly special.
No celebration, none whatsoever.
Not even a single memorable photo.
Just a simple pink dress yet very nice, a present from our good neighbor.
She even down with fever. Pity her!

Nonetheless, dearest nisa'
those celebration is nothing compared to your existence to me, to us, our small colorful family.
I'll try to write more about you, so you know how wonderful you are!
And perhaps, one day, they will be your treasure when i'm no longer here!
Happy 1st birthday dik cha!
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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Langsir Biji Remia

ISBN 978-967-0201-13-9
Karya : Noor Suraya
Siri Si Manis 17 - Jemari Seni Publishing Sdn Bhd
Cetakan Pertama 2011

Sebetulnya aku berjaga malam ini untuk menyiapkan kertas cadangan penyelidikan untuk permohonan HLP, Kementerian Pengajian Tinggi, namun LBR menggodaku untuk menghadapnya hingga selesai. Ternyata novel terbaru tulisan Kak Su ini tidak mengecewakan, sebagaimana novel-novel beliau yang terdahulu, sehinggakan aku teruja mendahulukan ulasan novel ini di blog, melebihi cadangan penyelidikanku, biarpun zaman 'si-manis-17' ku telah lama berakhir. Hihi ;)

Blurbnya tidak akan disalin di sini. Sila anda tatapi dari belakang kulit novelnya. Novel setebal 263 mukasurat ini aku kelaskan sebagai novel cinta patuh syariah ( ewah, macam kaunter saham pulak ye shariah compliant segala macam ) yang harus dibaca oleh muda mudi yang sedang bercinta, untuk gambaran lebih jelas mengenai darjat cinta kepada manusia. Meladeninya membuat aku terasa seperti membaca pengalaman kisah benar.

Novel ini mengisahkan Umair anak muda lulusan luar negara yang menyimpan rasa terhadap anak jiran sebelah rumahnya sejak usianya 13 tahun, kira-kira 10 tahun yang lalu. Keadaan memisahkan mereka dan pertemuan semula berlaku sekembalinya beliau dari luar negara. Tekad Umair untuk memperisterikan Duha, gadis yang digilainya sejak zaman anak-anak tergugat apabila wajah di sebalik purdah itu ditatapnya.

Duha Hafa, gadis kacukan Melayu-Gurjerati merupakan anak tunggal pasangan Dr Hud dan Puan Taslima, terlibat dalam satu kebakaran kira-kira 3 tahun yang lalu. Demi menyelamatkan nenek saudaranya, Tok Su Enap, Duha mengalami kecederaan parah pada wajahnya, memungkinkan kecacatan kekal dan tekanan inferiority complex dalam dirinya.

Garapan kemas Kak Su kali ini, aku kira cukup rencah, asam dan garamnya. Menghadam LBR sepanjang lebih kurang 4 jam membuatkan aku terlupa pada si kecil, Nisa' yang masih mendamba lullaby mengulit tidurnya. (Sorry sayang...) Epilog novel ini mengajak pembaca berfikir tentang hakikat cinta manusia, memaknai hakikat kecantikan itu perlu dilihat dari hati, tentang 'there is always a blessing in disguise'.

Sebagai satu usaha dakwah dari Kak Su, aku fikir novel ini berjaya menyampaikan seruan kembali kepada agama kepada pembaca dengan cara yang sungguh santai tanpa memberi input yang terlalu akademik untuk difahami. Sungguh aku terhibur dengan setiap lenggok cerita, setiap langgam bahasa dalam LBR ini.

Owh, aku bertemu Ain Najwa semula (yang aku kenali lewat Keranamu Ain, CESB) dalam LBR ini. Kisah cinta agung Ain terhadap suaminya sungguh memotivasikan, harus ditelah oleh para pembaca.

Bagaimanakah pengakhiran LBR? Siapakah Ahmad Muhsin yang hadirnya saat Duha sedang merawat hati? Apakah yang berlaku kepada Umair? Siapa pula Tamara Winstedt? Terekoilah sendiri dalam LBR! 'It is best value for money'.

Terbaeekk! ( ikut nada Tok Aba dalam Boboi-Boy... hiks )

Cartaku : *****
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Friday, May 6, 2011

Buat Wanita Terungggul

Selamat Hari Lahir ke-58
Selamat Hari Ibu
Semoga hidupmu dalam keberkatan.
Terima kasih atas segalanya.
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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Another Year Older, Another Year Wiser

Age is just a number.
Still, being 30 indicates I am no more young.
There's a lot of things in my list that I'm yet to achieve.

I used to be someone who planned my life ahead.
Due to a few circumstances, some item in the plan didn't execute well and really taken me aback.
I then decided to go with the flow,
though with all due respect, i am fully aware of "He who fail to plan,plan to fail : Winston Churcill".

As a result of frustration (or may be just being childish, hehe), the list, i have stop looking at it for the past few years. Just a lame excuse for not accomplishing something that could be proud of. hehe.

Life is short. Make it worth living.
But always remember, wal akhiratu khayran wa abqa.
Someone wrote that in my 23rd birthday card.

I have to move on, grow up, for everything happened for a reason.
Just put your trust in Him, InsyaAllah.
Everything is going to be just fine!

Going through the list again. Some of the item need to be slashed out.
Some need to be rephrase. Some should remain in the list, until the last chapter of my life.

I'm going to write it all here, or may be not all.
Just for my personal reference. Case they inspire you to make a change in your life, feel free to copy my list. hehe ;)

Disclaimer : The numbering does not reflect the weight. It is just things that come first in to mind.

1- to publish my own book/s. not necessary novel! ;)
2- to generate 5k per month passive income by 40
3- to pursue studies, as highest as possible
4- to have my own enterprise, probably in early childhood education field
5- to get a 4wd, an SUV is my preference. (i got an eye for Q7! hehe)
6- to retire by 45, resting at home, managing businesses
7- to grow old with him & kids
8- to compose my own original song, not necessary to be sung by a popular artist
9- to have a signature kitchen and by that i did not mean the props ;)
10- to perform haj before 40
11- to get slim and of course healthy ( dont laugh!)
12- to organize a camp to my former schools, especially, SMKAKS, particularly motivation camp
13- to conduct a memorable training
14- to sew baju raya for the kids
15- to cook for the kids everyday for them to bring to school, like my mom did
16- to travel around the globe (seriously ek?? since when did i like travel nih??)
17- to get involved in training and consultancy
18- to teach Quran to the kids, myself
19- to design my own house, the interior is what i mean
20- to become an NLP practitioner

and the list goes on.. ;)
Happy 30th birthday to me!
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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

she turns 5

Ain turns 5.
Owh, time really flies!

We went celebrating with a journey to Ipoh by Electric Train Service.
'We' in the picture are Ayah, Mak, Makcik Jasni, Uda, Murni, Intan, Along n me, plus the kids.
The kids, lead by Ain, followed by Utbah, Hafsah, Aisyah, Maryam and Nisa. Wrote their names according to their ages.
The kids only obviously! ;)

Too bad i didn't got a chance to snap any picture to be uploaded together with this entry.
Note to self : gi kecek kat ayah balik kampung kang k!

That was my first time on ETS.
A single ticket cost RM 35 for adult, RM22 for kids (4 years and above)
A return is a bit cheaper, RM 25 for adult and RM 17 for kids.
With 8 adults and 6 kids (5 of them don't need tickets, but due to some misunderstanding, along already bought the tickets for them and sadly, we couldn't asked for refund).. just do the math! Quite an expensive celebration, imho!
What to say, cucu sulung atok la katakan...

The waiting lounge was comfy. So do the couch.
The train moved at approximately 120kmph. It took about 2 hours and 15 minutes to arrive in Ipoh. It's like traveling by car. Awesome!
Definitely a worth method of traveling, yet the fare is a bit burden especially to the frequent travelers.

The journey didn't planned very well. Upon arriving, we were a bit lost. Where to go? What to do? What are the interesting place in Ipoh? Where to celebrate? ::sighed:: I came out with a suggestion, "Lost World of Tambun!"
We took 2 cabs to get there. Unfortunately, due to improper attire, we couldn't get in.

Owh, i had never been there! I really thought that the water park is as the same as Sunway Lagoon, where they have a shopping mall beside. Apparently not! :( Huhu!Ipoh is not really a good choice for cuti-cuti Malaysia. No offence orang Ipoh ye!

i was just quoting the taxi driver, an Ipoh-born Chinese guy.

Change of plan, we went to the nearest shopping mall. It's Giant. I told the story to one of my colleagues, another Ipoh-born lady, and she found it very funny!"Selangor tadde Giant ye?.... sampai ke Ipoh peginye...hehehe"
Yeap.. i found it very funny too!

Ayah and along lost thier Bonia & Hush Puppies at the surau. Uda had to buy new sandals for them. Ayah was so cool..."Dah bukan rezeki kita.. nak buat cemana!" huhuhu...

Reached home @ TM at about 7.30 pm
I was extra exhausted. Let alone Ain.
She was already asleep in Aunt Anis MyVi.
Nisa' & Utbah still had spare energy! They rocks still! Aduhaiiii....
That's the kids world! ;) Had to bear with it!
It's an unforgettable celebration after all!

Happy 5th Birthday dear daughter, Ainul Mardheeyah.
Am really proud to have you in my live!

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Sunday, May 1, 2011


Someone asked. "Book Fair, PC Fair?".

"Book fair!" i said, firmly. (Mind you I'm from IT world)

Owh, by the way, it's sort of which-do-you-prefer-game, you may say. ;)

Books always humor me. Books keep me alive.
Books never bored me, though i sometime, victimized by 'tak-bleh-blah' type of books.
yet, i do learn something from them!
yeah, I'm good at condemning lousy books. I can put a hell loads of not-nice-words,
describing that particular book/s if they are really awful but i rather not.

Why is that? Because i myself couldn't write! ;)

It is really not fair if i say something bad about something, or someone when i don't even know how to fix them, rite!?

Anyway, this 30th book fair is like, the 10th book fairs i have been. Or is it 11th ek?

My first visit was in 2000, same location, and almost about the same date. It has become an annual event for me, personally and also my family ever since. Studied in Kuala Lumpur, location wise, it's hard for me to miss such a great event. And now, though I'm no longer residing in Klang Valley, book fair remains a must to me.

This year, i made an effort for a leave, just to get to PWTC, as i tried to slot in the program earlier in my weekly schedule, but some how it did not fit in. (ahaks..kononnya bz tahap menteri la!)I managed to spend almost RM300 in sums. (kalo tak baca sume-sume tu mmg saje la!)

Suddenly i feel i need to do some book review. You know, just to keep this blog updated ;). Just for my personal references only. Yeah, let's keep the finger crossed! I can do this!!

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