Saturday, May 28, 2011

1st Year of My Nisa'

Her journey into our life started on this date, last year.
Ok, obviously it started way back.
Surviving a 40-weeks-journey in the tummy and then to this momentary world
she is nothing but ecstasy!
Immediately the pain gone astray when i first held her in my arms.

It was four days later than the expected.
The O&G Expert, Dr Hamidah recommended induction.
Misoprostal it may seems.
Clearly i forgot to ask her on the benefits, disadvantages of the procedure.

Yet, all just went well, praise be to the Almighty for that.
And welcoming Khairunnisa', at 1.27 pm, moment after i finished my lunch.
You really know to time your arrival kiddo! ;)
Haven't blog anything about her ever since.
Definitely not denying the fact that she's among the god's greatest gift to us,
i am just plain lazy. ;)

For her first birthday, nothing particularly special.
No celebration, none whatsoever.
Not even a single memorable photo.
Just a simple pink dress yet very nice, a present from our good neighbor.
She even down with fever. Pity her!

Nonetheless, dearest nisa'
those celebration is nothing compared to your existence to me, to us, our small colorful family.
I'll try to write more about you, so you know how wonderful you are!
And perhaps, one day, they will be your treasure when i'm no longer here!
Happy 1st birthday dik cha!

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