Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Meeting Onique

"Kite punye interview pukul 8.30 kat Bilik 8, Tadahan Utara, huhu, gelabah ni"
The text message from her that i received early morning.
Onique was my junior back in secondary school, which is 13 years ago. 
She was called for DPLI interview here at my workplace.
Getting my phone number from Angah, she called earlier last week as she used to read somewhere in my blog, (i mean my previous one), that i am working here!
She was seeking for 'Rumah Tamu' but seems failed to reach the person in-charge.

I was in the middle of my coding thingy when the call came in.
The introduction went long. The image of her was quite blurry at first.
I wasn't sure whether she mentioned 'Wani' or 'Onique' but one thing for sure i heard her saying 'batch Angah', in which there at least 3 (or is it 4) of them being called 'Wani'.

Knowing that she will be coming, i offered a room to her at my house.
"takpe lah, kite segan.. lagipun kite datang ngan family in-law kite"  said her.
I gave her the contact number of the officer who might help her. The least i can do.

And i met her today after her interview. And she's Onique, not Wani or whatsoever. ;)
We chatted while waiting for her family to picked her up. Caught up with her few updates about each other.

It feels great.
Really great.

It is such a joy to get in touch with old friends.
It is such a bless to be remembered.
Thanks onique, you made my day!

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