Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A Bouquet

Never once in my previous days that i received a bouquet for any occasions. Not even during my graduation let alone birthdays or anniversaries. Fresh flowers of course.
hope i didn't sound pathetic! ;)  )

I couldn't care less as i am not into. It is such a waste to spend on presents which can only last for what... a week?
which will end up in trash. It cost a fortune too!
Flowers are always at best when they are left blooming on their twigs.

I rather opt for artificial flowers. They are cheaper and most important, long lasting. They also can be beautifully arranged too.

Only yesterday i received  a bouquet of roses, white and red from my fellow students as a souvenir for assisting their program. It was OPS KAB. I felt good instead. Maybe that is the reason why people don't mind spending on fresh flowers! ;)

Thanks to milin, the program director for such a beautiful present!
And for make it into my 'first-to' list.

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