Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Archieve Extraction

I was digging some old stuff when i stumble upon archive from my older blog, so i thought, hey, what if i move it here! Well, you know, some memorable stuff ;) it's not like people gonna read anyway. I mean, who blogs nowadays, when we have facebook rite!

Sadly, i could not move the comments together, but who cares! hehe
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Pause and Reflect : The HLP journey - 1

I'm in my second semester, and it's getting harder that i couldn't barely breathe. ;) of course not the literal meaning. haven't really got time sit back and ponder upon what have i gone through so far.

I just got back from meeting my dedicated supervisor, whom i totally respect for his commitment of lecturing. Of my standard, there are two type of teachers ( or lecturers ). One are those who teach or lecture with assumption, the class already understand things they are talking about, and the other one, assume the class have no background idea of the subject matter and will try their very best to make it understandable. For almost all the time, i prefer the latter and he's one of those. And i thank Allah for that!

We have met several times, and he'll be away for Deepavali holiday next week, yet he asked me to present the chapter 1 and 2 next week. The good news is that, i will able to follow the track closely, but on the contrary, i haven't start yet. not even a title! tsk tsk!

O Allah, if this HLP thingy benefits me and my deen, guide me through it well!

endnote : just a ramble from a messed up mind.
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