Friday, July 3, 2015

25 Nonsensical Things of Me

(1) a sweet talker...they share their problem, i listen.. they ask for advises.. i just gave them crap...and they go “thanks a lot Am.. owe u!”
(2) a big supporter of National Breastfeeding Policy
(3) love sarcasm but suck at it
(4) much more younger than the look ;)  I can take that anyway..!
(5) didn't do high heels
(6) art skills works well during stress
(7) craving for that black Bonia boots just because they looked gorgeous on the display shelf
(8) not into make-up, perfumes & handbags
(9) prefer baking than cooking, unfortunately not good at both
(10) easily remember people birthday though didn’t plan to
(11) not into Siti Nurhaliza, (but my other-half is a fan)
(12) don't really shows true emotion
(13) very short- tempered but seldom scold people because I usually burst into tears after doing so.
(14) keeping mouth shut is a sign of protest/anger
(15) love to read and love to share things I've read though it is not important at all
(16) couldn't answer "what time is now?" spontaneously by looking at the analog clock..have to do a little bit of calculation..pathetic!?
(17) was among the first to have name written in the discipline record in 1995, after climbing up the 'mushroom' and being caught in action.
(18) the only sport that i'm good at is chess... (and technically it is not even a sport)
(19) prefer talking on the phone than texting
(20) looking forward to run my own business.. that's what I've dreamt of since kid.
(21) though i like marketing (and i think i'm good at it), being a part in multi-level-marketing is definitely not me.
(22) suck at programming but that's what i do now
(23) enjoy cleaning toilets, doing laundry and ironing clothes rather than sweeping floor, doing dishes and tidying bed.
(24) can't do shopping alone. it's either a bad choice or coming home empty handed
(25) can sleep easily.. that's a gift from God!;)

quite an archive! 

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